Development & sparring

Do you have a 3D idea that you want to develop, test or improve? We are your partner in the process from start to finish.
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Successful 3D printing requires the right knowledge and technologies. We know that there are many elements that need to be considered, turned around and tested before the idea can work in practice. It's a development process that we can help you with.
With expertise in all known 3D printing technologies and knowledge of all parts of the development process, you don't need any other sparring partners than us. We have it all in-house - and we have it both in our heads and in our hands.
Your idea deserves to come to life, and we appreciate seeing how a project can go from a thought to a drawing to a physical product
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Review of your 3D files

Your 3D files and drawings are the cornerstone of the final product, so they need to be carefully prepared with the right dimensions and details. We're happy to review your 3D files to make sure everything works before the project goes to print. No matter where you are in the process, we can support you. Whether it's just a quick review of your 3D files or creating a technical design from scratch. Let's take a look together.
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We fix everything - you retain ownership

We help you with everything from technical advice on the design, materials and NDA agreements to preparing the right documentation for approval of your design.
We also make sure that your ideas are safe and that you retain the copyright to your projects - no matter how much we help you along the way. Unfold the different services below.

Everything belongs to you

Everything you pay for belongs to you. This means that you always own the copyright to your 3D idea. Even if we're the ones who draw and bring your 3D model to life.

Safety and security

We have ADC (access control) on all doors to the production facilities where your production is carried out. Likewise, all quoting systems and anything else used to manufacture your products are supported by automatic deletion after 21 days of non-use.


When it comes to new ideas, there is also a lot of documentation that comes with it. We are always happy to provide and prepare the necessary documentation so that your product can be approved. We don't use consumables or machines that don't meet the highest standards.

Sparring partner

We are familiar with all 3D printing technologies and know how the process works from A to Z. So you don't need to have different manufacturers. We are your turnkey supplier and sparring partner for your next 3D project.
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