Serial production

Have you considered using 3D printing in production? With us, no job is too small or too big.
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Benefits of 3D production with us


It's flexible

With 3D printing, you have no upfront costs and can try a lot of different things in a highly flexible process.

Many different technologies

In 3D printing, there are countless possibilities and technologies. We have all the technologies in-house, so you can do it all.

Lightning fast delivery

3D is known as a production tool that has a short path from idea to product. We make that path even faster with delivery within 24 hours in most cases.
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Why 3D printing?

As a business, 3D printing can enable you to minimize your inventory because production can take place close to your business and delivery times are lightning fast. With 3D printing, you also have the ability to change your design from order to order, completely free of charge. This gives you an extreme amount of freedom and flexibility.
So if you're a start-up or have items that you only use a few times a year, 3D printing can be a great tool.
3D design

A cheap and efficient means of production

There's no doubt that 3D printing can be used as a production tool to make your ideas and products cheaper and more efficient. We believe that design should be created digitally and experienced physically. That's why we are a total solution with a breadth of technology and a multitude of systems. This means we can create your 3D prints in all price ranges and qualities.
3D design
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Serial production

High capacity for serial production

To make your 3D project a reality, we have a print farm with over 100 printers printing around the clock - whether you need 10 or 2000 pieces, we specialize in 3D printing in mass production and have the capacity to start up in less than 12 hours - without compromising on quality. We can 3D print both prototypes and full productions, depending on your preference.
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Get inspired by previous productions

How much does my 3D idea cost? How quickly can it be finished? And is it even possible? These are probably questions and considerations you may have, but it can be difficult to give a clear answer as 3D printing can be designed in a myriad of ways.
That's why we've created an overview of our previous products and cases so you can see what's possible, what the price is and how quickly they were delivered. Use it as a basis for comparison or just for inspiration.

Holder for glasses

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16.000 kr
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714 pcs
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5 days

Marking tool

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900 kr
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30 pcs
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1 day


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31.200 kr
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65 pcs
hourglass icon
11 days
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