Keeping 3D printers in top shape

We provide regular service so you don't have to worry about your 3D printers breaking down just before classes start.
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Avoid disappointed students

A 3D printer, like so much other machinery, needs to be looked at from time to time to avoid clogged nozzles or other defects just before a lesson starts. With our 3D printer service, you'll have the best conditions for teaching.
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Planning and scheduling

Regular service

We take great pride in delivering good equipment to your school. That's why we also regularly service the rented machines so they always work optimally. And don't worry, we'll come to you for on-site service so you don't have to go without 3D printers for long periods of time.
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Emergency service

Acute problems

While we of course service our machines regularly to prevent defects, when dealing with machines, acute problems can still arise. That's why we offer fast emergency service. If you report a fault with one of your printers, we'll deliver a new one to you within 1-3 business days, so you can get back to teaching in almost no time.
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Frequently asked questions

Which printers work with LAB3D Cloud?
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Printers rented through LAB3D work with LAB3DCloud. You cannot connect LAB3D Cloud to other printers.

But don't worry. If you've already purchased 3D printers, we're happy to buy them from you and include them in our rental agreement.

What about GDPR and handling student information?
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At LAB3D, we take the security and handling of our users' information very seriously.  

When students use LAB3D, their name and school email is the only information we handle - all stored in a secure database. We only collect the information about our users that is necessary for the site to function.

We are GDPR compliant and in full control - you can read more about it here. In addition, we offer and facilitate a data processing agreement between us and you.

What are the requirements for our network?
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The LAB3D Cloud should be able to be set up in any school as long as there is access to the internet. Our cloud should either use a Wi-Fi connection to a non-enterprise network (e.g. WPA2 - preferably with a password), or simply have a wired connection.

As long as we allow a local machine (e.g. Raspberry Pi) to send web requests to our domain,, the system will work. The local machines connect to our servers in exactly the same way as you do when you access Google or other websites - via port 443 (SSL).

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