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Let your imagination run wild and see if your ideas work in reality. We help you with 3D drawings, printing and fast delivery. Use our price calculator or contact us for more information.

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Try out your ideas

Before you spend DKK 100,000 on a mold, you should test your ideas in a smaller number of pieces with us, so you can correct your mistakes before you have them made in a larger production.
Develop one, two or 10 3D prints and find out if your idea works in practice - a great opportunity to play around without having to commit to a large-scale production yet. This is for those who are in the middle of a development. A process where you have the opportunity to keep working on your model.
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Your 3D file

A 3D file is required before we can print your ideas. With us, you have two options: You can upload your 3D file yourself, from which we can create the model, or we can help you along the way. If you don't have the skills to develop a 3D file yourself, you can talk to our technical designer and together you can turn your idea into reality and create your 3D prototype.
Whichever method you choose, you can be sure that everything you pay for belongs to you.
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We print the model for you

We place a high value on quality. We have a large part in the development of the 3D printers and their software, ensuring that we have the highest professional knowledge of all technologies. Once you have uploaded your 3D file and created an account, you can receive a price for your 3D print immediately. You can also see your expected delivery time when you place your order. We will then print your 3D model so that it meets all your criteria.
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Lightning fast delivery

We do everything we can to ensure fast delivery. We know how important it is for you to be able to move forward with your projects, and maybe you've chosen 3D printing because you need it fast. When you order via the ordering system, your order goes into production within minutes. This also means that we ship the vast majority of our prototypes within 24 hours.
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Why you should choose us


Solid professional skills

We've built strong professional skills by working with large and small companies at home and abroad.

Large selection

We have access to three of the most commonly used 3D printing technologies. We can combine them all and guide you to the best and cheapest solution for you.


Time is precious. That's why you don't have to wait days to receive prints from us. We ship over 70% of our orders within 24 hours.
It doesn't get any easier

All materials and technologies - in-house

We have three printing technologies to suit both smaller and larger projects. Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), which matches most projects, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), which is often used at the end of prototyping to get as close to the final molded product as possible, and last but not least, we have Stereolithography (SLA), which is especially good for flexible parts.
And we do it all ourselves. It doesn't get any easier for you.
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